Look-what-I-can-do scale

There’s definitely a scale somewhere in the arts called the “look-what-I-can-do scale.” On one end is personal growth and fulfillment and the other is look-what-I-Can-Do”. I’m very much stuck on the latter right now.

Flow vs. Absorption in Creation

I have an issue.

Every time I get in a real creative flow, I reach a state where I am not even there anymore. If you are familiar with Socrate’s “Creative Daemon”, It is a lot like MY personal creative Daemon goes and posesses me. Sometimes he creates wondrous things that astound me and other times its total shit and I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time with it.

But when he possesses me, I check out. So all the wondrous things I do, I can never remember how I did it. And he goes so fast I can’t keep up. And I don’t learn anything. So the question is… What is the point of creative education or any kind of consciousness when at the end of the day you are not even present for the creative process. You are essentially a nameless vessel for the paranormal 0___0

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{}{{{{{{{{Releasing a sound meditation mini-mix tonight}}}}}}}}{}


ok i woke up super hungover today and made this mix of songs :+)
i felt like singing, but i didn’t have the energy to do anything but lay in bed and sing into the macbook mic

it’s super noisy and there’s a lot of fucked noise and shit in it

it’s like a mix of songs that soothe and punish kinda idk really

ryan sent me his song on gchat like 5 mins after i woke up it made everything really better he is the sweetest guy around

hope you like the mix xoxoxoxxxxx


hard to do these things alone bb hungover macbook mic a capella – tk
honest – future (hemsworth’s post-rock tears bootleg)
last remnants - koreless + hard way - chief keef
bonnie & clyde - tink
nightrail from the sun - lubomyr melnyk + me singing
hold my liquor - kanye + me singing
blue moon - kendall johansson (official transition to winter song)
430 am - kevin gates
blocka la flame - travis scott + me singing wrecking ball - miley cyrus
carmelita - gg allin
at your funeral - saves the day (htdw + ‘everything is’ by crash of rhinos)
caps lock - m.i.a.

there are like some snippets in there from like ‘citgo’ and another tink song and tracy chapman but i can’t remember where cuz i fell asleep….

i love yall 

i’m just honest

I’m going to produce a dj mix with visuals. Not doing and Vjing live, but a conceptual pre-produced Vj/dj set. WHAT DO I CALL IT THoO???

If your into  #experimental #noise #remix #sampling #ciara #electronic #house #trap #posttrap #prince #fun

Promotional EP: Steeplechase by Upward Spiral

Slicing up massive textural atonal noise balanced nicely with #britneyspears moaning the worst #sex noises